Browse through your Facebook feed and you’ll see no shortage of video ads. With almost 3 billion users, Facebook is undeniably one of the most important platforms for your next video campaign. Here are a few top tips for your next video ad:

Make short video ads

It seems counterintuitive, but shorter video ads are better. That’s because viewers are more likely to watch shorter ads to the end, so you can share your entire message. That’s why Facebook recommends ads between 6 and 30 seconds.

Design for no sound

Many consumers will be in a situation where their sound if off. So if your video can’t be understood without sound, you won’t get your message across. You should consider text and graphic elements that will help convey your message clearly.

Add captions

According to Facebook’s own internal testing, adding captions to Facebook video ads increased video view time “by an average of 12%”.

Add your logo early

Consumers are 23% more likely to remember which brand made a video if it was featured in the first 3 seconds of the ad. So get your logo in early!

Make square video ads

We like to shoot our videos widescreen, which is still best for platforms like YouTube. But for your for Facebook ads, you want to go square. Why? Because it takes up 78% more screen space. It’s best to plan ahead before your shoot rather than just cropping your widescreen videos.

Capture attention fast

Facebook has found that 47% of value was delivered in the first three seconds of a video ad. There are a variety of formats for video ads, such as skippable and skippable. But the overall trend shows a quick drop off on all formats. That’s why it’s important to capture your audience’s attention quickly in a short, concise video ad.
How Facebook users consume video ads

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