The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way almost everyone does business, and video production is no exception. This is what you need to know about filming in Japan today.

Can I still shoot in Japan?

Yes. Japan lifted the national State of Emergency on May 25th 2020, which largely allows businesses to return to regular operations. We are now able to shoot most videos in Japan while taking sensible precautions.

What precautions are AB Video Japan taking to prevent transmission of COVID-19 on set?

  • COVID-19 precautions while shooting in JapanWe are limiting the number of people on set. This helps reduce the chance of transmission and helps protect on-camera talent who will often be mask-less while shooting. To the extent possible on set, we also exercise social distancing.
  • We disinfected all production equipment with alcohol solution before and after shooting. Periodically we disinfect high-touch surfaces during the shoot.
  • We require all crew wear face masks for the duration of the shoot, and make face shields available for anyone who wants to wear them in addition to their mask.
  • We ensure everyone has access to facilities to wash their hands and make hand sanitizer available.
  • Where possible, we ask talent/interviewees to fit their own lapel microphones. We also disinfect all microphones before and after use.

Can I travel to Japan from abroad?

No, in almost all cases. Japan currently refuses entry from 159 countries and regions. Currently the only exception is business travel from Singapore, which still includes strict conditions.

To help combat this, we are offering a variety of streaming services to allow clients to participate on set. This includes virtual set attendance via ZOOM and live streaming of the camera feeds. This will allow you to participate on set from anywhere in the world.

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